Avoid losses and disturbances thanks to active or passive filters

Harmonic filtering, flicker compensation, commutation filters etc.

Frequency convertors and inverters are non-linear loads. They generate harmonics which increase the losses and the disturbances in the network.

We offer both passive and active filters allowing the suppression of pollution at the source. Thanks to those solutions, our customers are able to reduce the consequences of excessive harmonics and to avoid the costs related to equipment damage.

Active dynamic filters

Modular design: allows for flexible and easy evolution with the load.
An excellent interface, reduced losses, high reliability and a straight-forward state-of-the-art design distinguish those filters. ADF is available in versions for:

  • filtering of harmonics 
  • flicker compensation

Passive filters, now also with active control

SOFIA passive filters for the filtering of harmonics and for cosj compensation, also in a dynamic type for fast changing loads. 
As from now with very low losses, with an active control by voltage (no current transformers necessary), modular extensible.

Dynamic reactive compensation

The THYRA dynamic compensator for fast or very fast changing loads such as cranes and lifts, spot and continuous welding machines, piston compressors, extrusion machines and so on.

It offers a response where traditional solutions fail.

HV filter banks for outdoor and indoor erection

Anti-resonance network filters

Specific filters for electrical distribution networks where high frequency disturbances, caused by power electronic equipment (such as commutations by VFD or UPS etc.), need to be suppressed. RESI is particularly suitable in LV and MV networks where cable resonances occur!

They are also available as series filters for specific loads and as shunt filters for overall.

Blocking filters for remote tone frequency signals

Cogeneration plants, capacitor banks, extensive lighting installations with discharge lamps (such as green houses, UV sun centers, hall lighting) require specific blocking filters for the protection of the remote tone frequency signal of the grid operator.
Available for both LV and MV applications.

On the other hand, sound and lighting equipment can be disturbed by that same signal and also for these applications we can offer specific blocking and filter combinations. These protect the users against disturbing interferences from the distribution network on LV or on MV..

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