Solutions to electricity losses of low, medium or high voltage

Low voltage

Motors, transformers and other consumers consume more energy than the work they produce. This reactive energy increases the losses in the installation.

Therefore, we offer capacitor banks for reactive power compensation. Those limit the power consumption and reduce the energy costs. At the same time they reduce their CO2-emission. Our customers save on costs and contribute in this way to a better environment.

Fixed “heavy duty”-capacitors for low voltage applications offer the highest safety level, the best reliability and life time expectancy thanks to the sheet steel enclosure, inert granulate filling and direct protection of each element.
Standard power capacitors are also part of our range.

Our portfolio comprises also capacitor banks with integrated protection, filter reactor, contactor, fuses etc.

Automatische condensatorbank in wandkastuitvoering van het type CLMW en CLMW2

Automatic capacitor bank in wall cabinet - type CLMW and CLMW2

Automatische condensatorbank in staande kast van het type CLMK, CLMX

Automatic capacitor bank in standard cubicle - type CLMK and CLMX



For heavy motor start compensation, we can also offer adequate solutions which allow in a very cost effective way to reduce the starting current with a factor 2 to 3. Thanks to CLMX-AB it is thus possible to make power available in the installation and to mitigate disturbing voltage dips.

Medium and high voltage solutions

MS- en HS-condensatoren

MS- en HV power capacitors

Automatische bank in behuizing voor binnenopstelling.

Automatic bank in an indoor enclosure

Vaste MS-compensatiebank in compacte behuizing

Fixed MV compensation bank in compact enclosure

Ready-to-connect container solutions for fixed and for automatic capacitor banks, designed for outdoor use

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